Thursday, December 8, 2011

Mr. Nick & The Dirty Tricks - Time Out Pub, Rockland, Maine October 3rd, 2011

You can check out info for Mr. Nick & The Dirty Tricks 
(Nick David (a.k.a. Mr. Nick), "Lonely" Gus Carlson, Teddy B. (Bukowski) and Rick Rousseau ) at the imbedded link.  As they're fond of saying on stage, be very careful if you're typing out the name of their website!

We've been able to see Mr. Nick perform several times over the past few years, mostly at the White Mountain Boogie N' Blues Festival where he played with his Blues Mafia and also joined in on harp with Albert Castiglia on a killer Junior Wells (Castiglia's former boss) tune.  This is actually the first time we've ever seen Mr. Nick indoors.  Cool stuff!

First set photos by Jennifer Murphy

Second set photos by Michael A. Murphy

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