Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Photo Sharks challenge - Portrait

Playing along with the family (who were onstage at the dance tent at the American Folk Festival 2007).
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Lens Day submission - Futuristic

Do you want fries with that?
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Monday, November 26, 2007

How effective can this sign be?

Hmmm... If I park in such a fashion as to be able to read this sign, I believe I'd be in a lot more trouble than just parking in a fire lane. But who am I to second guess the city of Watertown?

I'd like to thank JP for pointing this out while we were having dinner Saturday night. The sign was facing our table in the restaurant. I could probably come up with a hundred captions, but I'll let others do that if they care to comment.
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Friday, November 23, 2007

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Misty moods make for memorable morning meandering

Shortly before leaving work at 3am this morning (I was covering late for some (much needed) overtime (as my latest bill for oil was completely and utterly outrageous!)) I looked out the window and saw more glorious fog. So, instead of going home and sleeping like a sane person, I took photos for close to 3 hours. I saw more people on the University of Maine campus than I did in Bangor a couple of weeks ago, even though it was well into the wee-est of the wee hours.. I thought one of the campus cops was gonna stop on his way by, but he didn't. I'm still reluctant to adopt jkirlin's (The Thing of the Moment) methodology of singing at the top of my lungs, but it's hard to argue with it if it works for him. I mean, look at the reaction he got from Del Toro!

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"The Mist" decided to open a little early this morning

I saw in today's Bangor Daily News, several hours after taking these shots, that the film The Mist (based on a Stephen King story) would open today. It's certainly appropriate that the mist would make an early appearance at his home before permeating theaters and oozing its way into our collective consciousness this Thanksgiving weekend.

I've been wanting to take some night photos of Stephen King's fence for some time. I pass by it routinely as it's the best route for me to get to and from work. I had thought I'd be able to catch a full moon some night on the way home to get a good shot, but it hasn't worked yet. I think the fog works even better than what I'd hoped to get from being able to shoot under a full moon.
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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Macroday - Anything but a bug

Opus' promotional head shot.

This is from his failed attempt at becoming the next great slasher move anti-hero. The crew of the Starchair Enterpoop celebrated by hooting and hollering with less derision than usual.
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Shutterday - Neck

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See It Sunday - Paint

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Saturday, November 17, 2007

I've got a FEVER...

...and (with apologies to Christopher Walken, Will Ferrell and SNL) the only prescription is MORE COWBELL!!

This cowbell is the one my mother used to summon us (usually to dinner) from our neighborhood exploits when we were kids. Alas, with that crack on the right side, it's unable to peal (it's more of a metallic thud now) as it once did. Dinnertime, anyone?
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Two cowbells? Just rub it in...

Professor Murder employ two (count 'em!) cowbells at their Mercury Lounge show during CMJ 2007. Isn't there some sort of federal agency to oversee the proper deployment of cowbells? Probably the same folk who oversee Area 51. Two seem a little much when so many have none. Does that old Soviet joke about two cows also apply to two cowbells? Deep questions asked for free. Answers? Well, if you have to ask, you can't afford them, right?
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Friday, November 16, 2007

Hmm... No cowbell? Gene Frenkle must be rolling over in his grave.

My friend Paul Bosse erected these bells on the UMaine campus several years ago. They're still hanging in there. I see people playing them every once in a while. I wandered by for a moment in the late afternoon fall sun on my way to get dinner.
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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Ehh, what's up, doc? (carrot-less version)

This furry fellow was hanging out and greeting visitors to the University Credit Union in Orono recently. He must've gotten lost on his way to the Farmer's Market.
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Monday, November 12, 2007

Hannibal Hamlin statue on a foggy night

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The fog lifted just moments after I shot these, so I folded up the tripod and went home.

Downtown Bangor on a foggy night

Walking around downtown Bangor after 1am I saw very few cars, very few people, one police car and no one asked me what I was doing. My friend Jeff (of The Thing of the Moment) tells me he always gets asked what he's doing when he takes pictures at night.

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More foggy Bangor photos

So where was the ticket taker? I wanted to go for a ride on the river in the fog at night. Well, maybe not...

As I was walking around the waterfront I heard a train coming. It was going a little too fast to hop on, so I did the next best thing.

Midnight baseball, anyone?