Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Misty moods make for memorable morning meandering

Shortly before leaving work at 3am this morning (I was covering late for some (much needed) overtime (as my latest bill for oil was completely and utterly outrageous!)) I looked out the window and saw more glorious fog. So, instead of going home and sleeping like a sane person, I took photos for close to 3 hours. I saw more people on the University of Maine campus than I did in Bangor a couple of weeks ago, even though it was well into the wee-est of the wee hours.. I thought one of the campus cops was gonna stop on his way by, but he didn't. I'm still reluctant to adopt jkirlin's (The Thing of the Moment) methodology of singing at the top of my lungs, but it's hard to argue with it if it works for him. I mean, look at the reaction he got from Del Toro!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Murph, cool photos! Digital camera, I'm guessing since they're quickly posted. I was hoping for some interesting stories about run-ins with the cops or suspicious homeowners. But you probably don't have to hang around too long with a digital. Do you remember Wally Mason, from the museum? He liked to take night photos, many times of people's houses. He used a 4x5 camera with ground glass and a very long shudder speed. He had to hang around for a while! And he would have to stick his head under a curtain to see the image on the glass, which made him a little nervous in not-so-nice neighborhoods, his favorite to shoot. He asked me to go around with him one time, just to cover his back. I unfortunately didn't get to go. People called the cops on him so many times the cops knew him by name and who/what/why he was doing just from the caller's complaint. So, yeah, great shots, but you have to get some cop/street people/homeowner stories! Aaron

Murph said...

I'm sure I'll have some stories as I shoot more. Being able to shoot without being bothered has merit, though.

We've got 2 Olympus digital cameras (SP500-UZ and SP550-UZ) and 1 Kodak digital camera (I forget the model - we got it for our kids). Vintage cameras are cool, but I do like the ease of use of digitals.

Perhaps I should start singing at the top of my lungs, as Jeff suggested, to attract attention while I shoot. Or, you can come next time and be my carnival barker. "Step right up and watch the grass grow while Murph presses the shutter button!" :-)