Monday, November 12, 2007

Downtown Bangor on a foggy night

Walking around downtown Bangor after 1am I saw very few cars, very few people, one police car and no one asked me what I was doing. My friend Jeff (of The Thing of the Moment) tells me he always gets asked what he's doing when he takes pictures at night.

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jkirlin - your lowly and humble photographic servant said...

Did I not mention loudly signing showtunes? That draws a little more attention.

Murph said...

Yea, standing there and singing show tunes might draw some attention. But NO ONE would want to hear that at any time . And at 1am the cop would've stopped by with his breathalizer kit at the ready!

jenny_whyme said...

Not to mention, Murph can't carry a tune in a bucket. Please, love, don't sing...LOL.