Wednesday, June 17, 2009

It was Good Deed Day here at Whittling Fog

My plan, this evening (and a beautiful evening it was!), was to try and catch a little bit of light from the golden hour to see how well I could turn a concept into a photo. I got outdoors a little later than I wanted to, so I had to head over toward the athletic fields on the UMaine (Orono) campus in order to capture what light was left (too many buildings blocking it by the time I got outside). On the way I happened to walk past the Mahaney Dome.

I just happened to glance over and see what looked like a slit in the material that makes up the Mahaney Dome.

I got close enough to feel that, sure enough, air was escaping.

I figured this was not good.

My plan, at that point, was to continue in search of the light I wanted for my original shoot and then call in the dome damage when I got back to the office (I don't own a cell phone). About 25 steps later I rounded a hedge near the field house and came upon a campus cop. So, I was able to show her the damaged spot and she called it in. That took just long enough that the golden hour light I was originally hoping to utilize had faded westward for another night.

So, this is my good deed for the (pick one) day/week/year/decade...

I'll have to wait at least another day to see if I can turn the concept I mentioned into a decent photo. Stay tuned (or not)...
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