Thursday, June 25, 2009

Fog! Night! Photo Ops! Bangor!

So, after work last night I was able to catch a little of Eric Green's set and quaff a couple of half-price pints at Luna Bar & Grill in Bangor. As I sat enjoying the tunes and the beer I could see fog rolling in over Bangor. When Eric finished I spent a few more hours (good thing I'm a night owl) roaming Bangor.

Here's a sample of the night's shoot - more on Flickr.

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jkirlin said...

Very nice!

Did you see that the city is replacing sodium streetlamps with LEDS?

Murph said...

I did see that in the paper. It'll be interesting to see what effect that change will have on nights like this.

Nancy Bea said...

Gorgeous! I love that amber light, warm yet moody at the same time. My favorite is the picnic table one.