Monday, April 20, 2009

Walking along the Stillwater River at sunset

Taken on Friday and Sunday at Sunset.

The (not so still) Stillwater River near the UMaine campus on Friday April 17th.

Very choppy and not all that interesting. Might as well look up.

Fast forward to Sunday (April 19th)...

The Stillwater River living up to its name.

No leaves growing yet.

Oddly enough, it was colder at sundown (the days being otherwise rather similar) Sunday with no wind than it was on Friday.

The following two photos are from almost the same vantage point as the first photo in this set. The stillness and reflection make for a much better photo, in my opinion.

The Loch Ness beaver?

Hard to capture a good shot of this guy. He was briefly on land, but I didn't have an angle to get a decent shot. When I moved and he heard me, he took a dive. He didn't go too far underwater, though. The light was receding, but it was fun trying to get a shot until he drifted/swam too far downriver.

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