Sunday, April 5, 2009

The good news is...

...that no one was hurt.

If the last act of my 12-year old Nissan Sentra is protecting my kids and a friend, then I can live with that. The ironic thing is that my daughter was pulling to the side of the road to let the windshield clear (sunlight on a still frosty windshield and a gray van parked in deep, early morning shadow do not make for a good scenario) when she hit the only vehicle on the street.

We were talking about retiring the car, anway, as it had reached the point where it needed more repairs to keep it on the road for another year than it was worth. The bad news is the accident accelerated the replacement process.

So, while I was out searching for a car to replace the Sentra, Jenny Why_Me and Judy traipsed off to Baxter State Park to take some late afternoon/evening pictures of Mt. Katahdin last Saturday before the snow cap could melt away completely. Had I not been in car search mode, it would have been nice to accompany them.

Guest photography below courtesy of Jenny Why_Me.

More photos from their afternoon
are posted on facebook. I believe one has to be logged in to facebook in order to view them.

Here's the Public link.
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jenny_whyme said...

You're such a whiner...

That's a public link to my Facebook photos.

Be wary.. Facebook can be addicting.. lol