Thursday, January 8, 2009


So... Think you can guess what I (we) did this past weekend?

(...he says whilst fulfilling the obvious foreshadowing of the last blog post)

Clay Aiken was very good as Brave Sir Robin, but I thought the audience fawned over him far more than was necessary. King Arthur was wonderfully portrayed in a just-teetering-at-the-edge-of-inebriation sort of way by Michael Siberry.

We laughed. A lot. It was very funny. It was very, very silly. Cows, French people, castles, killer rabbits, knights, grails, singing, dancing, running away, swallows (African and European), rubber chickens, Tim, The Black Knight - all included!

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Anonymous said...

You went on Clay Aiken's closing weekend! There were probably more Clay fans there than normal! I loved the show too! What a talented cast!

jenny_whyme said...

Unfortunately, they didn't visit Castle Anthrax and witches were too expensive.. but, on the whole, Spamalot was udderly enjoyable.

It is a shame that it's closing (as well as a number of other shows).