Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Guest Photographer Day

Today is Guest Photographer Day here at Whittling Fog.

I thought I'd start the new year (ok, it's almost the 8th...) off with something slightly different (not at all Completely Different [more on that Monty Python reference later]). My friend Nick (we go back longer than either of us probably wants to admit) sent along a couple of photos recently. He was used to this sort of weather back in the day when he lived here. Now he's in a more temperate area in Oregon. They were getting an ice storm just before Christmas at the same time we were getting snow and ice here.

(above photos by Guest Photographer Nick Borodko)

Nick says: "You get your share of ice in Maine, but in the temperate Willammette
Valley it is a rarity. This city of over a hundred thousand was shut
down for 3 days. I took the opportunity to get these shots from my
porch Dec 23, '08. Fuji S1000M digital."


I had intended to attend downtown Bangor's New Year's Eve celebration, but was under the weather for a couple of days and didn't want to stand in the single-digit temperatures while not feeling 100%. So, Jenny Why_Me and our friend Judy went out for the evening. They felt it was too cold to photograph the ball drop, but they did venture into some interesting places while they were trying to stay warm.

(below photos by Guest Photographer Jenny Why_Me)

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jenny_whyme said...

The no more boring art wall paper is located, interestingly enough, at the Umaine museum downtown. Where they were displaying art by an Abstract Expressionist (who's name escapes me at the moment). Abstract Expressionist is the kind of art where someone paints large blocks of blue rectangles. Sort of boring, if you ask me. Go figure.