Sunday, August 3, 2008

Sidewalk Art Festival in Bangor August 2nd, 2008 and Winterport Music Festival

Saturday was arts day here at Whittling Fog. My sister Sharon got a booth at the WLBZ2 Sidewalk Art Festival in Bangor. She didn't feel that she had enough work to fill up the whole booth, so she invited me and a friend of hers to also display in her booth. We had a good time and saw many friends who were checking out the festival. We had a steady stream of people coming by most of the day, received lots of positive commentary and even sold a few pieces. Sharon's display focused on her 35mm black & white photos. She just recently (within the last few days) bought a digital camera. The other artist was Diana Willette, who had a variety of photos (she does both 35mm and digital) and also had single and multi-layer prints. Neither Sharon nor Diana currently have a web presence, though I may try and prod both to start a photoblog.

After the Sidewalk Arts Festival we (Jenny Why_Me and I) grabbed a bite and headed to Winterport for the Winterport Music Festival. We weren't able to see everyone, since we spent the day in Bangor, but we were able to catch excellent sets from Leah Tysse (an Orono High grad who is currently based in the San Francisco area and brings the blues wherever she goes) and The Kings of Strings featuring Jay Geils and Gerry Beaudoin (performing gypsy jazz - and not "Love Stinks", "Freeze Frame" or "Centerfold").

(above photo guest-photographed by Jenny Why_Me)

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