Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I wish I could find the posting where you were warned about

feeding the photographer.

Somewhere in that vast photo chasm that is The Thing of the Moment is evidence that you were, indeed, warned that dire things could occur if you feed the photographer. Now look what someone has done!

At any rate, while I take my time organizing my 2008 American Folk Festival photos, go ahead and check out Jeff's at the above-listed TTotM

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jkirlin said...

I think if I BUY my own clam cakes, it's not exactly FEEDING. :)

Murph said...

For my (insidious) purposes, all that mattered was that you were consuming food!

Perhaps we should warn someone about PAYING you so you are unable to buy your own food?! :-)

jkirlin said...

Damn I wish I had a clam cake right now.

I look like I'm offering it up.

Are you sure I'm not falconing here or something?

jkirlin said...

And if you think I get paid for ANYTHING you are sadly mistaken!

jkirlin said...

DAMN that was a good clam cake.