Monday, August 4, 2008

Shangri-La was not to be found Sunday, unless maybe you're a duck

Sunday was supposed to be another art-filled day here at Whittling Fog. It was very cloudy when we were ready to leave the comfort of home, but we ventured out with the hope that clearing skies would await us as we got closer to the coast. Alas, it started raining around the time we got to Bucksport (which was around noon-time). The rain intensified with each passing mile as we got closer and closer to Shangri-La (or the Blue Hill Fairgrounds, the Shangri-La Festival's weekend home). When we arrived, this is about all we found:

So, Shangri-La eluded us on Sunday. Since all the rain you see was accompanied by much lightning and thunder, we decided not to stick around and hope for a break in the clouds (which appeared to be what all the other folks with at least half a brain did, too). We went back via Ellsworth, where we stopped for lunch. Usually I don't mind walking a little when parking someplace, but this was one day where parking as close as possible to the restaurant was a prime concern! The rain slowed some while we were inside, then poured relentlessly again, then slowed a bit by the time we were ready to venture home. Power flickered several times and went out briefly a time or two, as well, while we were having lunch. It's pretty impressive that they were able to serve us reasonably quickly with that sort of chaos. Mother Nature didn't tone things down until much later in the afternoon. There was still lightning and thunder most of the way back to Bangor, though we finally saw a bit of blue sky around East Holden and Brewer.

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