Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Two entries for Lens Day's "Wet" challenge

If we'd gotten a camera out today we could've had many, many shots that would fit the 'wet' category. 'Wet' pretty much sums up today's weather, in one word, in the greater Bangor area. 'Wet' was very much what my snowblower was throwing around. It was raining pretty steadily when I cleared the mush from today's storm (we got several inches of snow before it turned to rain) from the driveway. 'Wet' fully describes my status at the conclusion of an hour's worth of walking behind the snowblower. Too bad it's not spring yet as the snowblower, today, made for a very good sprinkling system. Alas, no one got a camera out, so I'll just submit some archive photos for the "Wet" challenge.

Did I say, yet, that it was very wet in Bangor today?

Top photo from the 2007 North Atlantic Blues Festival. Several folks improvised with their head gear when it started raining. Walter Trout's Sunday set had to be aborted because of the thunderstorm that arrived in Rockland in the late afternoon.

Guest photographer Jenny_Whyme took the other photo at the 2007 Kenduskeag Stream Canoe Race last April 21st. Headgear not improvised, but definitely amusing.
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Andrée said...

I have to get to Bangor in the winter somehow someday. I want to see that festival, I want to visit a good friend. And the ocean: it's been forever since I have seen that. Great photos. My Lens Day — Wet is here.