Thursday, February 14, 2008

Puddling in Bangor - Not shaken and most definitely not stirred

Yesterday's storm (snow and then rain) created lots of messy roads and there were plenty of places for water to pool. On my way home from work I went looking for puddles in Bangor and found a few. I don't know if I'm too old to jump in puddles, but I think I'll save that activity for springtime (or at the very least a much warmer day). Some of these would've swallowed me up, though, so it was probably best not to dive in. I might've gone looking for a few more, but I had to get home in time to watch The Daily Show (especially since the writers are back!).

State Street near EMMC.

Howard Street traffic circle.

Most of my travels don't take me by Howard Street. But since they put barriers up to keep traffic from turning left onto Howard Street from State Street I've made it a point to travel on Howard Street whenever I can. Tonight I was rewarded with a nice puddle. With any luck I didn't wake anyone when my tires decided to spin muchly before gaining traction on the slush/mush/ice that was substituting for pavement.

Garland Street.

Central Street.

Bangor PD pulled alongside me to ask if everything was ok just after I took this shot.

I wasn't even singing! But it was nearly 1AM.

I like the shot I submitted, but can I change my entry for this week's Lens Day 'Wet' challenge to this Central Street shot?

Larkin Street.

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jkirlin said...

Dude, those Howard Street people are crazy and if they find out you are drving on their street from the West Side they will KILL you and EAT you.

Murph said...

I didn't realize I was living quite so close to the edge that night! I'll have to keep that in mind the next time I'm over there. Is the rush of driving on Howard Street something I can get addicted to?

Weatherbug said...

I've been told one "gentleman" in his Ford F150 has been known to go straight over the lovely little center island and leave his tire prints while waving at the folks!