Sunday, March 30, 2008

I Feel Like Bustin' Myth... MythBusters at UMaine

Hmmm... These two must be busting some photography myth (Kevin Bennett of the Bangor Daily News and Jeff Kirlin of The Thing of the Moment - I'd like to mention that I only know who Kevin is because of his appearances in The Thing of the Moment). Or maybe they're plotting how to either save the world or take it over by pledging their myriad of lenses to the forces of good or evil. Or maybe they're just chatting about the weather.

Ah... MythBusters in the Field House at UMaine in Orono. The lighting wasn't particularly good, so I feel bad for the folks who had to sit in the back. Still, it was 90 minutes well spent as Adam and Jamie shared humorous stories, clips and took questions from the audience and shed some light on the inner workings of the MythBusters TV show.

I had a question, but wasn't picked. So, I'll pose the question here. I wanted to ask what myth they had gone the most over-the-edge or applied the most overkill to. My vote would probably be for the Shooting Fish In A Barrel myth where they opened up on the fish with a 50-round per second machine gun. I haven't seen every show, so there may be many other worthy myths that answer that question.
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Matt Lee said...

I was there, about halfway back in the audience. The lighting wasn't good, but fortunately I had a camera with 12x optical zoom on hand to get a closer view of the action. I also had a question, but wasn't picked. It was a great event nonetheless.

jkirlin said...

We're ragging on YOU! ;)

Thanks for the Tix, Bro. And for getting us into First Class. Good move. What lousy security they have.

jenny_whyme said...

Some of us had real first class tickets... LOL.