Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Post-production effects can be useful

I'm not sure I'd consider myself to be a beginning photographer any more, but there's still a ton of stuff for me to learn. That's especially true for learning about what my camera is capable of. So, please excuse me for thinking aloud in an effort to expand my knowledge.

There are number of things I didn't like about the originals I took of this scene. I could pick them apart, but mostly the shots didn't come out as well as I'd envisioned them. After trying to get the shot I wanted, I realized that in order to do so I'd have likely had to destroy the spider web in order to get the angle and clarity I was hoping for, but then the shot would no longer be there. Since I was unable to squeeze either myself or the camera into the tiny gap between the web and the window, I tried a little toying around with some effects (ending up using just one in the end) and came up with, what I feel is, a cool result from a so-so original image.
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