Thursday, July 5, 2012

Terry Hanck / Lil' Brian & The Zydeco Travelers - Time Out Pub, Rockland, Maine April 16th, 2012

It was fortuitous that April 16th was the Patriot's Day holiday in Maine and Massachusetts.  Monday Night Blues started early because two bands had been booked for that night.  Rather than cancel one or the other, the start time was changed to 6pm so both bands could play 90 minute sets, with a break in between, and enough time left to jam together for the encore.  Kudos to Paul for coming up with a solution to the scheduling error that allowed both bands to play!  Since it was a holiday, many of the Monday Night regulars were able to see and hear both bands.

Terry Hanck

Terry Hanck photos by Jennifer Murphy

Lil' Brian & The Zydeco Travelers

Lil' Brian photos by Michael A. Murphy

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