Sunday, June 5, 2011

West Market Festival - Bangor, Maine, June 4th, 2011

We spent our day Saturday checking out bands, visiting with friends and commenting on the photographer to 'regular festival goer' ratio and, of course, taking photos at the West Market Square Festival.  In addition to the band photos, you'll find a few (hopefully) interesting random shots from the festival.

The West Market Festival featured the music of Skyler and The Band Of Thieves, Odlaw, Mudseason, Dean Ford, When Particles Collide, Lady Lamb The Beekeeper and The Mallett Brothers Band.

Skyler and The Band Of Thieves

Lensbaby interlude


(dancing during Odlaw's set and then setting the tone for others to do the same)

Dean Ford

When Particles Collide

Lady Lamb The Beekeeper

Another Lensbaby interlude 
(performances by Paradigm East and Aether Arts)

The Mallett Brothers Band

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