Thursday, May 26, 2011

(Nearly) instant outtakes from The Nite Show with Danny Cashman

These won't be making the cut when the Nite Show airs.   The cameras (likely) weren't rolling (well, in the case of the hoops shot they appeared to have had some technical difficulty) during these moments.

I'm going to assume this was to set the white balance.
Otherwise, it's just a guy carrying around a white board.

Steve may be planning a coup.  Either that or he was just looking for some porridge.

It was warm in the theater.
We were all bumming that Joe didn't bring a larger fan.
Or more of them to share.

He didn't seem to want his photo taken.  I hope he was kidding.
I'm not sure what he was worried about, though.
He'll look a lot sillier in some of the bits they actually air!

Everyone but Dan has to turn their phone off.

Dan gets completely ignored once the cameras stop rolling.

Nice sequence.  Too bad they had some technical glitches and had to reshoot this segment.

Ignored again after the reshoot.

What's Dan trying to do here?

Everybody wants to try out Dan's chair!

These didn't make it out of the desk during the interview segment.

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