Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Bangor Standpipe - Outside, inside, up, down

On my way home from work today I stopped by the Standpipe in Bangor to test out a wide-angle lens, kindly on loan from The Thing of the Moment maestro JKirlin. What better large object in Bangor to use as a test subject than the Standpipe. As the sun was setting, no less! I hope you'll agree that I managed to get a couple of cool shots.

I was getting ready to leave, after taking the ground level shots you'll see below, when I noticed another car in the small parking lot. I figured it was someone else enjoying the sunset until I got near enough to notice the Standpipe logo on the car door. Seeing someone at the door I went over to show off some of the shots I'd just taken. He and I got to talking for a moment and he invited me to come up into the standpipe with him. Since I never seem to be free when they have the quarterly tours, I jumped at the chance to see the inside. I was also fortunate enough to get all the way to the top as he raised the flag up from half-mast. Thanks, Merrill!


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Anonymous said...

Wow! Talk about right place and right time! These are surreal, great photos Mike!!!!!! I really enjoyed them. Andi F.

Jody Walker said...

Incredible pictures!