Monday, August 2, 2010

Bloom 207

Bloom207 was an art/music showcase and cancer awareness fundraiser, organized by (one of Bangor's hardest working musicians) Mike Billings, that occurred in at the Union Street Brick Church this past weekend. We weren't able to attend the entire event (I really want to invent a two-places-at-once machine!), but we did manage to drop in for the last couple of hours.

If the rest of the event was as good as what we were able to see/hear, then it had to have been a great weekend.

Joshua Mooers (solo guitar)

Ao (Paradigm East-Shanghai)

Paradigm East - Ao, Sennyo, Zanjibal

James Morang (bass)

John Patterson (trumpet), Mike Billings (guitar)

Ryan Curless (drums)

Joshua Mooers (keyboards)


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