Thursday, July 29, 2010

Roger "Hurricane" Wilson - Time Out Pub, Rockland, July 26th, 2010

As this was just on Monday, does it mean that I'm caught up? Probably not, but at least I'm posting a little more closely in time to when the gig happened.

I can't resist this bad pun...
Roger "Hurricane" Wilson
blew into Rockland, Maine and put on a rockin', energetic show this past Monday night. Here are photos from the gig.

Photos by Michael and Jennifer Murphy

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jkirlin said...

These are very noise free. Was your friend there?

Murph said...

Yea, we're digging the low-light with low noise capabilities of the T2i! Thanks for the loan of the T1i for the Eddie Kirkland show.

Our 'friend' wasn't there for this show. I'm wondering if the fact that it was supposed to be recorded for a DVD kept her away. Do you think she *knows* about that stealing souls thing... Or does that only come standard on the mega-expensive uber-pro gear? The videographer didn't show, though, so no DVD.