Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Larry Garner - Time Out Pub June 7th, 2010

Larry Garner performed at the Time Out Pub on Monday June 7th, 2010.

Larry's an energetic and engaging performer - a storyteller, both as a songwriter and as a silver-tongued raconteur from the stage. We got to see him in 2001 at the North Atlantic Blues Festival, but I think I prefer the intimacy of the Time Out Pub, at least in Larry's case. Thanks for coming back to Maine, Larry!

(Editor's note: Shedrick Nellon on bass, Jared Daigle on the super strat, and Jim George on drums - Thanks, Larry, for providing the names of the band! I wanted to make sure I'd spelled their names right rather than posting from a faulty memory)

Photos by Michael A. Murphy (unless otherwise noted)

(above photo by Jennifer Murphy)

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Great shots of Larry Garner!

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