Saturday, September 5, 2009

Stalking the elusive Kirlin is very tricky come Festival time and provides great sport!

Come American Folk Festival time our friend Jeff Kirlin, when he's not squirreled away in his warm, dry, wimpy lair in order to avoid a little dampness and cool temperatures, scampers about the Festival site taking photos every few seconds. You can see a small portion of the photos he took on his flickr site and a few selected photos (with commentary, natch) on The Thing of the Moment blog.

We deployed four cameras and four photographers, knowing how rare an opportunity this would be, in the hope that we might capture photographic evidence that he does, indeed, venture out into the wild.

Several of these photos are mine.
Guest photography provided by Jennifer Murphy, Caitlin Murphy and Rose Murphy.

Jeff was the only person at the Festival that had a 'pants' clause.
As evidenced above, he was adhering to that requirement.

Whoa! Dueling cameras and Jeff isn't in on the draw!? Dude...!

Are we synchronized?

This is two years in a row someone's captured him while feeding.
Do I smell a National Geographic documentary?!

No longer in anything resembling his natural habitat.

So, how often have you had your lens(es) licked by a dog?

"This thing ain't going up until you lose a few cameras!"

Decides on LIFO algorithm and says goodbye to newest camera.

Liftoff! How many G's were you pulling?

Wish I could've been up there, too. Cool vantage point!

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jkirlin said...

I was eating one of those clam cakes. The same thing I was eating last year. They are light, crispy and neat. :)

Check out my BOOOOTS. I was expecting it to be wetter than it was.


And my internal harness was totally hidden from that angle. That's funny. It totally looks like I wasn't wearing one when I TOTALLY was!