Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I knew I'd find a reason to post this photo eventually

I drove by here several nights last spring when construction work was being done on I-95. Portions of the highway were closed, so I usually drove over to Howard Street (before they took down the barrels blocking access) and then through downtown Bangor to get home. After thinking about shooting this storefront for several nights, I finally stopped and took a few shots.

Submitted to Thursday's Challenge for Clothes.
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Myfanwy said...

It's always worth holding on to shots - you just never know when they will be useful. Great shot.

Terri said...

Great capture. It's a bit eerie. I expect those headless manikins to start dancing. Well done.

kden said...

I agree, eerie lighting in the store. But I like it.

Murph said...

Thanks all.

The lighting is definitely what caught my eye while driving by. It's such a different atmosphere compared with daytime and normal activity.