Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Have tripod, will photograph Bangor at night in the fog

As I drove home last night I almost missed all this. I'd noticed a bit of fog on the drive through the east side of Bangor, but not enough to be interesting. Downtown Bangor was below the fog, so there was no point in parking and walking around. I was almost home when I decided to head for higher ground on the west side. I was rewarded with some glorious fog and interesting lighting. By the time I'd worked my way back close to downtown, the lighting and fog had gotten to be more interesting, so the last few shots above are of Bangor from the Brewer side of the Penobscot River. As I took a few more shots around the Bangor Auditorium my batteries ran out. I could've swapped with the fully charged extras, but I was ready to get to bed and took the drained batteries as a sign to stop and do just that.

It was nice to be able to do this in July. It was much warmer than the foggy nights I was able to capture last November!

More photos from last night's shoot can be found at Whittling Fog on Flickr .
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