Thursday, May 29, 2008

Photo Friday's "Difficult Shot" challenge

Photo Friday's challenge for last Friday is Difficult Shot. I'd have to say, given that I took over 150 shots of this scene over the course of a month and am still not completely satisfied, that this would have to be my most difficult shot. The web was only visible when the light above it was on. That light only came on at dusk. The natural light was only available for another 10 minutes or so at that point. The web was virtually invisible during daylight. I suppose the lighting at dawn might have worked, but that's a time of day I see rarely.

Add the fact that I had to have a ladder in order to even attempt the shot from any angle and was pressed close to the ceiling. Also add that multiple snowstorms changed the shot, including one storm that wiped out the web, after which the spider had spun a new web with slightly different anchor points. It's not what I envisioned when I saw the web, but this is the shot I like the best out of the bunch.
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