Sunday, January 27, 2008

Cold Duck(s) anyone?

I stopped on the way in to work this morning (might as well take some pictures on those rare mornings I have to be up, right?) and took a few shots of the steamy Stillwater river and the ducky Penobscot river. Don't those silly ducks know that it's four frigging frigidly frosty fowl-fanny-feather-freezing fahrenheit degrees out there? Did they not check their thermometer before plopping their butts down in that cold, cold water? Did they stop at the LLBean outlet to augment their own insulation? Questions still free. Answers...? Well...

Makes my butt feel cold just thinking about how cold that water is! Wait... That's a pocket of warmth there in that sunlight. Maybe they're not so crazy after all. Still makes my butt feel cold, though!
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